Tuesday 21 July 2020

The New Normal?

So Russia was "interfering" on both sides in the Scottish independence referendum? Bound to win, then, I suppose.

Enough of this nonsense. If you want a story about Russia, then keep an eye on the unfolding crisis between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which threatens the alliance between Russia and Iran, an alliance on which, heaven help us, we depend for our own protection against the likes of the so-called Islamic State.

Leading us to a proper story about Scottish independence. In that event, then the five million people in England who were born in Scotland, the same number as the population of Scotland, plus many millions more of us with close family ties North of the Border, would be subject to Shamima's Law. Whether or not we held it or even wanted it, the fact that we were eligible for another nationality would mean that we could be deprived of our British citizenship at a stroke of the Home Secretary's pen.

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