Monday 20 July 2020

A Bit More Bite

What might "Cultural Marxists" want that they did not already have, or that they would not have taken without a fight in the next five to 10 years? What do you think that the West, and especially "the Anglosphere", is already like?

But while Black Lives Matter is itself a different matter, its supporters and sympathisers are highly likely to be regular churchgoers. And not the decaffeinated kind, but discerners of the miraculous in their own day-to-day lives.

Bourgeois white liberal theology has nothing to say to that, or to anything. But some of us have vast common ground with it, and that is precisely the only ground in which the solutions to the underlying grievances would be able to grow to fruition.

At least here in Britain, a lot of the opposition to BLM, although that opposition is a fairly laughable business of error-strewn placards and what have you, is motivated by the desire to protect the popular percolation of white secular liberalism.

That is a desire for protection from Islam, and ask them exactly what it is that they fear from Islam. It is not what you or I might. But it is now at least as much a desire for protection from the kind of robust Christianity that has been imported from the Caribbean, and increasingly also from Africa, from Latin America, from Eastern Europe, and from parts of Asia and the Pacific.

When the protectors of statues of people of whom they have never heard say "our culture" or "our heritage", then they mean Christianity only in the sense of Christmas dinner, possibly getting married in church the first time, and at a push having a hymn at the crematorium.

It is notable that nothing to do with Islam, not even when there have been deaths, has provoked anything like the backlash that there has been against statue-toppling and proposed street-renaming by a movement with its base in communities that are largely defined by taking their Christianity with a bit more bite than that.

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