Monday 20 July 2020

Here, O Israel?

Fake Jews are quite the coming thing, I am told. 

The proponents of neoliberalism and neoconservatism have decided to silence their critics by accusing us of anti-Semitism, since the mere accusation of that is the proof of it. 

Well, in that case, if adherence to their political position is what it is to be Jewish, then they themselves must be Jewish.

So they are increasingly deciding that they are. And that, therefore, other people are not. Coming to a synagogue near you. Even if they have to set it up themselves. But not necessarily.

I have been predicting this particular religious revival, if it can be so described, for nearly 20 years. We now appear to be on the cusp of it.

By the way, some white sympathisers with what used to be the Corbynite Left, often disillusioned by the same compromises that disillusioned me but still firmly on the Left as I am, are starting to convert to Islam. 

Although, unlike with the neo-Jews, there does not appear to be any suggestion that their political position simply was Islam, so that people who did not hold not were not Muslims.

Oddly enough, I never did see this one coming. But it is. Indeed, it has already begun.

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