Friday 24 July 2020

Boys' Toys?

I am not a big fan of toy guns, but the arrest of 12-year-old Kai Agyepong for playing with one in his own home, a home that had been stormed by armed police, should stand as quite the riposte to the likes of Damian Thompson.

As so often, race and class mirror each other. Three years ago, people who were used to unlined faces at 50 insisted that refugees who looked like the teenage boys round here, and those had not been in a war zone, must in fact have been far older. And boys of colour, especially black boys, always "look older" to those white people who are determined to be frightened of them.

Fear of the black male is fundamental to the culture of Anglo-American liberals, who are the heirs of the slavers who founded the Manchester Guardian and the American Republic. Only six black men have ever sat as Labour MPs, there are only three at the moment, there are only two black men as Labour Peers, no black man has ever been elected as a Liberal or a Liberal Democrat MP (or for the SDP), and no black man has ever sat as a Peer for the Lib Dems or for their predecessors.

No one whose veins ran with 300 years of slavery and with 100 years of segregation has ever been either the Republican or the Democratic nominee for President or Vice President of the United States, although you have voted for such a Vice Presidential nominee if you voted for Pat Buchanan in 2000.

That may change thus year, but if it did, then the beneficiary would be a woman. For her brothers and her sons, then there would still the quadruple genocide in the womb, on the streets, on the battlefield, and at the hands of the criminal justice system. Unless someone else said that as baldly, and proposed to do something about it, then Kanye West would need to be on the ballot everywhere in 2024. He still would not win. But someone needs to make the debate about this.

Young Kai lives in Somers Town, which makes him a constituent of Keir Starmer's. Like all of us, he should be very afraid indeed of that man. I am light-skinned mixed-race, and my name is David Alexander Stephen Lindsay, yet the Prosecution made race a major issue, and I was convicted by an all-white jury that would have acquitted a white defendant on the same evidence. None of those 12 people disputes that, so far as I am aware. Therefore, it stands as a matter of record. A former Director of Public Prosecutions absolutely must not become Prime Minister. On the contrary, he must lose his seat in Parliament.

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