Friday 31 July 2020

His R's From His Elbow

The Prime Minister has just as good as announced the second lockdown. It is coming, and probably quite soon.

Boris Johnson used to be paid to be a "contrarian" columnist of the kind that at the moment alternately files the Lockdown Is Rubbish column and the I Am Being Cancelled column. 

But he no longer is one. He is the Prime Minister. While his failure to understand the difference has cost 70,000 lives and counting, we may now dare to hope that it will not cost 70,000 more.

Speaking of not knowing the difference, if Twitter had existed in the Blair years, then, unlike Matt Hancock, Cabinet Ministers would not have announced major changes in policy at the very last moment and via their personal Twitter accounts.

Instead, every change, large or small, would have been announced at the very last moment and via Tony Blair's personal Twitter account. Or Alastair Campbell's.

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