Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Very Rude

Another report of one of those things which the Queen is routinely recorded saying, but, until now, never reported as having said.

The big one will be on the EU referendum. We are being softened up for that.

And Toryland will dutifully fall into line behind Remain.


  1. The anti-Brexit one will be public. Made to look off the cuff, but she doesn't do off the cuff. Coming out of church or something like that, very near the referendum. Didn't the Sun try and fake some story that she was pro-Brexit?

    1. Oh, yes, I had quite forgotten about that.

      There was talk of taking it to court, or to the IPCC, or something. Whatever it was, it would simply have asked the Palace spokesman his account of events, and the case would have been closed in his favour. You can't beat the Queen.

      It may yet happen, or she may sportingly have decided that the Hillsborough families should be the ones to deliver the killer blow. But either way, The Sun will be long gone by the time of the 2020 General Election.