Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Altogether Another Question

Everything is falling into place, as the mere sight of the Conservative Right pushes huge numbers of people into voting for whatever that Right is against.

That has been the pattern for the whole of the present century to date, but never more spectacularly than in this case.

These people have been given the opportunity to hog the limelight as never before, not even in the 1980s, when they or their predecessors were the handful of Tories who joined the entire Labour Party in voting against the Single European Act.

Had those who had remained in that latter tradition, every word of which has been vindicated by events, been given the opportunity to state their case, then there might have been a vote to Leave.

But in order to prevent any such realistic possibility, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, both of whom were strongly pro-EU into the very recent past and neither of whom will hear a word against Margaret Thatcher, have been recognised at the head of a campaign of people whom the electorate at large regards as even madder and nastier than they are.

Vote Leave.

But when Remain wins, think of it as least the message, once and for all, that no one likes Johnson, Gove, and those to whom they have lately attached themselves.

Although it will be altogether another question whether or not they will get that message.

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