Wednesday, 11 May 2016


I have always worked with Conservatives, and some of them have been so right-wing that I have no doubt that I could work with UKIP members, too.

But then, I am not a Marxist, or a Welsh separatist, or a European federalist.

Nor have I ever promised not to work with "the Tories" or "the Kippers", no matter what.

This is not a one-off on the part of Plaid Cymru. Both at Cardiff Bay and at Westminster, it has form for this kind of thing.

Under Jeremy Corbyn, Labour has the chance to reclaim the rural Radicalism and the peace tradition that were allowed to die of sheer neglect in most of England and much of Scotland after the First World War, but which live on in Wales.

After today, no one else seems to want them.

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