Sunday, 15 May 2016

Standing Up, Not Standing By

George Galloway is not standing at Tooting.

While he might or might not win a by-election before Chilcot, he would win hands down the first by-election after Chilcot in England or in most parts of Wales.

It would not matter if it were Witney, or Tatton, or Surrey Heath.

Meanwhile, my own mind in made up.

If I can raise £100,000 in the next year, then I will stand for the new seat here in 2020 after a solid three years of campaigning.

These days, it costs not much less than that to secure the nomination for a safe Labour seat (which this will not be), what with having to visit every party member at home at least once, send each of them a DVD about yourself, and so on, for many months and even years.

I wonder how many people realise that.

Anyway, I am, as ever,


  1. If John Mann, Jess Phillips, John Woodcock, Matt Hanckock, Liz Truss and Anna Soubry can get into Parliament, absolutely anybody can.