Thursday, 12 May 2016

At The Table

The Left is now all ready to let the Murdoch Tories have the BBC, because it is the David Miliband or the Hillary Clinton of broadcasting: it has never done anything for us. We are not even allowed to review the papers.

John Whittingdale should bypass the Milibands and Clintons of the world, and offer representation on the new Board to the Left, especially the working-class and regional Left, in return for the same guarantee for Tories even under a Corbyn Government.


  1. The BBC never interviews trade union representatives about anything, it never reports demonstrations even when they go past its own offices, it is STILL ignoring the Tory election fraud.

    1. Notice that there always has to be an anti-Corbyn Labour MP every time, which is not very often, that there is any pro-Corbyn voice allowed on. But the tag team of anti-Corbyn Labour MPs is never balanced by anyone, and certainly not by the "interviewer".