Thursday, 12 May 2016

Just A Suggestion

So much for Donald Trump and a ban on Muslims' entry to the United States.

Jolly good. Now discussion can move to his economic and foreign policies.

Although this is setting the bar very low, those are at least preferable to the policies of that Wall Street shill and the Saudi stooge, Hillary Clinton.

As all polling confirms, she cannot beat Trump. For that, we need Bernie Sanders, whom all polling confirms can do so.

No Wall Street shill or Saudi stooge, he. And no Donald Trump, either.


  1. Even the Pope says to vote Bernie, even very conservative Catholics like Fr. Dwight Longenecker do, even Drew Bowling who is Capitol Hill's staunchest defender of Christians in the Middle East and who is another totally orthodox Catholic says "Never Clinton, Never Trump". That only leaves on possibility.

    1. And Drew is on the staff of a Republican Congressman, as you no doubt know.

      "Never Clinton, Never Trump" seems to have become the motto of the paleoboys, their most unifying cause since before many of them could vote.

    2. Poor old PJB. Do the present "paleoboys" (like that one, going to start using it) think he is already dead? Or have they never heard of him? They are you mates so I am asking seriously. Buchanan has done an old man's foolish thing by endorsing Trump, I'd love to hear Trump talking to the American Conservative crowd about T.S. Eliot or Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

    3. I'd pay good money to hear Trump say "Solzhenitsyn". Yet he is still politically better than Clinton. She is that bad. Never Clinton, Never Trump. Of course. So Bernie it is going to have to be.