Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Bullingdon Bunker

When Ken Livingstone mentioned Hitler, then we all know what happened.

When Boris Johnson mentions Hitler, then we all see what does not happen.

Class matters.


  1. This is the day that Remain won. The whole country saw Boris and his defenders like Gove and IDS, realised that they didn't even look normal never mind being batshit crazy, and decided to vote for whatever side they were against. It's all over. This is the result of letting the Right be the spokesman for opposition to the EU over the last 25 years. Anything right of John Major or David Cameron is nothing but circus freakery to mainstream voters. They warm to the Left (Tony Benn, Dennis Skinner, Jeremy Corbyn) even if they won't vote for it, but the Right gives them the creeps.

    1. During the Maastricht debates, when three times as many Labour as Conservative MPs were voting against the Treaty, the conscious decision was made to give media attention only to the latter, because they were telegenically preposterous.

      That has brought us to this. As you say, if there is a Remain vote, then we shall all know whom to blame.