Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Hands On The BBC

The Queen and Dennis Skinner.

Each has a distinct role in the State Opening of Parliament, as the latest, but not the last, in a long, long line.

Skinner is the reigning head of Radical and republican, populist and these days more or less pacifist tradition that is our Constitution's very British, and especially very English, feature of inbuilt self-criticism and even self-mockery.

Either he or the Queen could and should have demanded the protection of the BBC, as such. In the event, it was Skinner who did so. 

But with the next big scandal's shaping up to be Orgreave, no one needs to tell him that the Liberal Establishment and its precious broadcaster are very far from perfect.

In appointing six members of the new BBC Board, the Government needs to bypass the Liberal Establishment by appointing at least one figure from Left.

Very preferably, the working-class Left.

Just for once, the Blairobites would be rendered speechless.

Don't ask, don't get. You have to play the game if you want to win the game. Be at the table, or be on the menu.

Get on board, so to speak, or get under the bus.

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