Friday, 20 May 2016

Pretty Much Make My Life

I don't know why the media think that anyone much remembers Gillian Duffy.

Labour actually picked up the seat where she lived, from the party into Coalition with which the Conservatives were forced to go because they had failed to beat Labour outright.

Far from having abandoned Labour, the white working class is now a more stalwart base of its support than was the case in the 1970s. Just look at a map.

The thing is that that class itself is smaller than it was then.

And I expect that the man whom Pat Glass encountered was a racist. There are plenty of them about.

Way back in 2003, Pat's predecessor as the MP here, who was the Government Chief Whip at the time, forbade me from being a District Council candidate because I was mixed-race.

She, Hilary Armstrong, insisted instead on a member of her staff. He is now a senior Labour Party employee, and he refers to me to this day as a "mulatto".

Since he recently moved back to Lanchester, I am hoping for him as Ossie Johnson's forlorn running mate that the Labour Party insists on fielding in this ward even though no such person stands the slightest chance of beating Richie Young.

Getting more votes than "Break Dancing Jesus", not for the first time, but for the first time above allowance-free Parish level?

Now, that would pretty much make my life.


  1. This has been a long time coming, the Big Fight, the grudge match to end all grudge matches. And you're going to win it, happy days.

  2. David, I have to tell you that you have Stockholm Syndrome. This is a very serious mental illness, but it can be beaten. Patti Hearst escaped from the Symbionese Liberation Front and you can escape from the Labour Party. Regards,
    John Brown

    1. Oh, that side of things is just a bit of fun. On my part, anyway.

  3. Make my day.

  4. I don't know why the media think that anyone much remembers Gillian Duffy

    What's that got to do with anything? She was merely the person who happened to reveal what Labour really thinks of working class patriotism.

    Gordon Brown showed what Labour says about its voters when it thinks nobody is listening.

    1. Ah, the people who are going to win the referendum for Remain. Anyone would think that you had been invented for the purpose. It will all be the fault of your kind, for existing at all.