Saturday, 28 May 2016

A Dangerous Experiment

I am banned for life from the Labour Party, and, like George Galloway, I am loving every second of it.

Rod Liddle is "suspended", apparently forever. I hope that he enjoys being out of it as much as we do.

For, you see, Tony Blair remains a member in good standing.

What is the party waiting for? The Chilcot Report?

Well, I for one am honoured and delighted to be barred from any club that has Blair in it.


  1. Without Labour, against Labour, you are going to be a county councillor in time for your fortieth birthday and an MP three years after that. The people whose seats you are coming for are as spooked as hell by your candidacy, they have been dreading this for years but hoping you would stay seriously ill for ever.

    1. Oh, I am still seriously ill. But what of it?