Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Being my new word for whenever Nick Cohen claims to be something merely by saying that he is, and then to be the arbiter of its authenticity.

Cohen is already transleftist.

He has no link to any known left-wing campaign, and he is actively opposed to many of them.

Yet he is published in the respective senior organs of Toryism and of Anglophone liberalism, not merely as a voice of the Left, but as the man who decides what the Left is and is not.

Cohen is already transjewish.

He is a militant atheist who, more to the point, has neither been born of a Jewish mother, nor ever undergone any conversion to any form of Judaism.

Yet he not only insists that he is Jewish, but, again, he is increasingly setting himself up as some kind of quasi-Rabbinical authority.

And Cohen has attached himself to the Women's Equality Party.

Expect him, therefore, to become at least transfeminist, in accordance with his usual pattern.

In fact, while named, pronouned, dressed and equipped exactly as he is now, Cohen could claim to be a woman, and then to be definitive as to who was or was not a woman.

After all, he is exactly as much a woman as he is either left-wing or a Jew.

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