Thursday, 19 May 2016

Blond On Blond

What is this thing, "the political Cabinet"? It seems to exist purely for the purpose of having Boris Johnson in it.

But Johnson is now just another backbench MP, and not even well-liked by the other backbench MPs.

If there is a Remain vote, then it will be Johnson's fault, although the Remainers who run his party hate Michael Gove even more.

Yet it will be preposterous to suggest that David Cameron ought to be succeeded by anyone who had, at least ostensibly, campaigned for a Leave vote.

Johnson's brother is the politically distinguished one, while his sister is the journalistically distinguished one.

By contrast, Michael Heseltine works several days per week in and from an office at the Department for Communities and Local Government, complete with a Civil Service PA.

Think on.

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