Sunday, 15 May 2016

Queen Laura and Queen Hillary

There was one sexist comment.


And even that might very well have been faked for the purpose of having the petition shut down.

But Her Majesty is now beyond the slightest question or criticism. Like Hillary Clinton, the only candidate who could lose to Donald Trump.

People expect politicians to be crooks, even to Clinton's breathtaking extent. But they would not put up with everything, or even with anything, that Trump was.

Bernie Sanders would beat Trump, thereby electing the properly thought out and the politically experienced versions of Trump's half-baked and amateur attempts at pro-worker and pro-peace policies.

But Clinton would go down in flames.

Even if he managed his one term as President, however, the Republican Party will never recover from having nominated Trump.

How much of it even will nominate him? The Democratic machines in several Southern states placed George Wallace on the ballot as the official nominee.

How many Republican machines will not do so for Trump, even if that involves nominating no one at all?


  1. Ah, I see. So Donald Trump is such a vote-loser that he's just won more votes than any Republican candidate in American history?

    How does that work?

    1. Everyone who could possibly vote for him as done so. That is nowhere near enough to win. His only hope is that enough people who would never vote for him or Clinton will stay at home in disgust. But that can only happen if the Democratic Party nominates Clinton. All polling makes it clear that Sanders would beat Trump.