Thursday, 12 May 2016

Now The Lies Have Been Thoroughly Exploded

Craig Murray writes:

Here are all the comments on the scrapped Kuenssberg petition.

You know, the petition David Cameron condemned in the House of Commons today because it was accompanied by a storm of sexist abuse?

Well, here are the comments in their entirety and out of 35,000 people who signed, there is virtually nobody whose comment can be seen as remotely sexist.

See for yourselves. Can you spot the one sexist comment I found?

The comments show the petition was overwhelmingly signed by decent, concerned people who were sometimes quite eloquent.

Also that the petition supporters are gender balanced and several specifically identify as feminists, and as supporters of the BBC.

But neither Cameron, the Guardian and mainstream media nor 38 Degrees itself has any qualm about writing off all these decent citizens as a misogynist rabble.

The data link was left by a commenter on this site – I strongly suspect a mole within 38 Degrees has got it out.

It is absolute proof that the politicians and mainstream media journalists have been pushing a plain lie about the nature of the campaign, and that 38 Degrees have colluded.

David Babbs of 38 Degrees appears to be setting new standards for lying.

Now that the comments are public, he has changed his story and told Media Lens the abuse was not on the petition, it was on connected social media.

I have repeatedly asked 38 Degrees for the evidence of abuse, but they absolutely refuse to show it.

We have had five people searching all day.

So far we have one single tweet, which was nasty – it called Laura K by a expletive reserved for women. And it did refer to the petition.

But it was sent by a young man, 90% of whose comments referred to football and 100% of whose tweets used similar expletives.

I unreservedly condemn what he did, but he was hardly a supporter of Corbyn or member of Momentum, as all the media are telling us.

So far that is it – one young idiot – we have found nothing else.

But even if there are more nasty examples of abuse, that is not the fault of the 35,000 good people who signed the petition.

And there is a disconnect between two establishment narratives, both unproven.

One is that Kuenssberg has been a victim of terrible misogynist abuse since appointment. The other is that the abuse was caused by the petition.

I utterly condemn any such abuse, but it does not negate the genuine concerns of the petitioners.

Regular readers know I myself receive constant abuse, sometimes death threats. It does not mean I am not frequently in the wrong!

Now the lies have been thoroughly exploded.

Of course the fact Cameron has been involved in peddling the lie may now be leading to some creative design, backdating and history creation in assorted Government establishments.

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