Monday, 30 May 2016

Where There's Life, There's Hope

And where there isn't, there isn't.

The American pro-life organisations have played no small part in bringing America to its present, sorry pass. 

They need to be made answerable for that.

Whatever the views of Bernie Sanders on abortion, there would be less of it under his economic arrangements.

Nor is he in favour of every other way of killing people ever devised, as, for example, Ted Cruz is.

Clinton and Trump are, of course, in favour of every such way, including abortion.


  1. Even the Pope wants Bernie. Even conservative American Catholics like your buddies Drew Bowling and Fr. Dwight Longenecker want Bernie.

    1. I am not sure if Drew is quite there yet. Yet.

      But he, the man who has probably done more than anyone else for the persecuted Christians of the Middle East, is very definitely in the "Never Trump, Never Clinton" camp. A Republican Congressman's fairly high profile staffer, let the reader understand.

      Cruz's pig ignorance was booed off stage by Middle Eastern Christians at one of Drew's events. Splendid stuff.

    2. I remember that event with Cruz. They would cheer Sanders hoarse at something like that. So much for the charge they are anti-Semitic, of course a lot of them are Semitic.

    3. Nothing has united the more serious (post)conservative and (post)liberal sections of the Catholic Church in America like the Sanders candidacy. There has been a considerable convergence ever since the Iraq War and then the Crash, and this pretty much seals it.

      The hold-outs are the sort of self-defined traditionalists who also go in for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and what have you, and the kind of people who will be voting for Hillary Clinton because that is just what they do.

      Both categories have managed to find a candidate who embodies all Seven Deadly Sins, and who therefore supports every, as it were, conceivable way of killing people.

  2. Sanders has a D- rating from the NRA. Don't believe the Clintons' lies.