Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Most Powerful Woman In Britain?

I rarely sign petitions, because I have very rarely known them to change or save anything. I did not sign the one calling on the BBC to sack Laura Kuenssberg.

But notice that the ubiquitous Jess Phillips, who has only just been an MP for one year, described it as "sexist", and it was duly taken down from the website that was hosting it.

Jess Phillips is rapidly becoming a constitutional outrage, with a wholly unacceptable level of personal influence.

The close relationship between Respect and Fathers 4 Justice, and the fact that her seat was Lib Dem until last year, suggest that strong challenges to her will be in order in 2020, and may very well remove her from Parliament one way or another.

It is, alas, another question whether that would remove her from power.

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