Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Look it up.

Ordinarily, I would also have written about the fact that even the primary school pupils went on strike against this Government today.

But nothing should distract from the #ToryElectionFraud story.

Channel 4 News deserves the share of the license fee that goes on Newsnight.

32 hours before polls opened, this evening's Newsnight itself constituted #ToryElectionFraud.


  1. That and 40% of Londoners said today they would consider voting for George Galloway.

    1. A good sized poll, too. Khan is going to owe his victory on second preferences to Galloway, and he is going to know it.

      On opinions polls generally, I have been critical of them in the past, and doubtless I will be critical of them in the future.

      But they were right last year. If the General Election had been conducted in accordance with the law, then there would indeed have been a hung Parliament.