Tuesday, 3 May 2016


The miners were the soul of working-class respectability. They and the Police used to have intermarried families.

We all know how She and Her bootboys destroyed all of that. It took a generation to rebuild any semblance of good Police-community relations in the old coalfields.

But it was done.

Now, however, there is going to be at least a conspiracy trial arising out of Hillsborough, which of course took place in South Yorkshire.

And then there is every sign of rather more than that arising out of Orgreave, at least. That could very, very, very easily expand to include all manner of events during the Miners' Strike.

The graves in the North that Thatcher harried, and in certain other places besides, are as unquiet as the graves in Ukraine. And they were dug 40 years more recently, a mere 30 years ago.

Those graves are about to be opened in spectacular fashion.

All in all, it is absolutely imperative that all of the former mining areas, including this one, elect Labour Police and Crime Commissioners on Thursday, and that Merseyside also do so.

It is almost too horrific to contemplate the consequences, over the next four years, of giving those positions to anyone else.


  1. Proving the point-some of us did warn that elected Commissionerrs were a dangerous nonsense that could politicise the police.

    Police investigations are not supposed to be politically-motivated.

    1. Well, which party did that? And which party launched the very politically motivated Police "investigations" in these long-ago cases?