Monday, 2 May 2016

Her Dirty War On The North

A comment of a previous post (although not, I have to say, about it) states:

Wait for the police to issue one of their statements that someone would have been charged if still alive. They won't dare not in Thatcher's case but I have never heard of it happening in two different cases for the same person. It will this time, Thatcher for the Orgreave conspiracy and Thatcher for the Hillsborough conspiracy. She is finished as a credible historical figure, her own party is no longer trying to defend her dirty war on the North.


And that last turn of phrase, bracketing her with Galtieri, is particularly good. I am going to nick that one.

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  1. Come the 2020 Election, what will all the other candidates for this new seat have been doing during the Strike? What will their families have been doing?