Monday, 2 May 2016

As Proud As They Ought To Be

I hope that the Greens are exactly as proud as they ought to be, of not having endorsed a second preference vote for Sadiq Khan.

For all his faults, Khan is not Nasty Zac Goldsmith, the second mega-rich, not-quite-a-pukka-toff race-baiter in succession to be the Conservative Party's candidate for Mayor of London.

But then, the killer question to the Greens is always, "Do you regret the defeat of the miners in 1985?" Only a one-word answer is acceptable, or even possible.

They may agree with us from time to time. But they are not us.

UKIP opposed the Iraq War, and I am very glad that it did. But is UKIP part of the Left?

UKIP's opposition to the Iraq War was and is one up on Nasty Nick Cohen, whose last known affiliation was to a piece of media fluff called the Women's Equality Party.

That party has been designed to promote the career of Sandi Toksvig, and it has therefore been heavily promoted by Radio Four. It, too, has failed to endorse a second preference vote for Khan.

Moreover, it, too, might reasonably be asked whether it thought that the wrong side lost the Miners' Strike, both in itself and as an example of the economic, social, cultural and political changes of the 1980s.

Cohen's candidate is on course to be beaten by George Galloway, with whom he is obsessed.

Galloway has endorsed a second preference vote for Khan. At around 48 per cent of first preferences, Khan is therefore going to owe his eventual victory to Galloway.

Galloway is also well into campaigning for the Tooting by-election that Khan's election as Mayor will cause to be held.

If Nasty Nick Cohen did not also contest that by-election, then even his little remaining claim to be taken seriously will have been destroyed.

All that, and the first ever parliamentary candidate for the Women's Equality Party will have been a man.

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