Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Slaying of The Beast?

Dennis Skinner has been off the National Executive Committee before, and then come back.

But it did look wrong when Labour MPs removed him only hours after he had demolished Cameron at PMQs.

Still, joining the re-elected Dame Margaret Beckett and Steve Rotheram (and if he is not a working-class warrior, then who on earth is?) is John Healey. Hardly a Blairite.

In fact, there was no Blairite candidate. This has been no coup by them. They are in no position to stage one.

Many years ago, I was supposed to be on the NEC.

It was all arranged, except that my own CLP refused to nominate me, preferring instead a person whom they had never met, but on whom the then MP insisted.

He later managed all of one term in Parliament, and he has now disappeared without trace.

You would not have heard of him.

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