Friday, 11 July 2014

More Heat Than Light

Nigel Lawson does not help his cause by using terms such as "quasi-Stalinist".

In any case, there is a far stronger case against the BBC for its failure ever to give space to the AGW-sceptical trained scientist whom a secret ballot of Labour MPs put onto the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, Graham Stringer.

Even if his daughter is not a celebrity chef.


  1. Stringer is right about a lot of things and it is very important that he got his position by a secret ballot of Labour MPs. There is a tendency, the ones who signed up for the One Nation Society, the ones like Stringer who signed the Observer letter on immigration, the ones who are going to vote against the DRIP Bill, the ones behind them in all those cases, that is desperately in need of an organiser and a leader. But you are not there. It is a crying shame.

  2. Galloway got £18,000 for being on Russia Today. What did you get? A comparable figure surely for someone of your stature. I recall that day, truly, you did arrive.

    I know, on topic please.

    1. Oh, I'm a cheap date. Not like George.

    2. RT probably tried to book Tony Blair but he was too expensive and probably off trying to invade some innocent country.

    3. I find it highly unlikely that RT tried to book Tony Blair.