Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Stopping The DRIP

Tom Watson and David Davis are to sue the Government over the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers legislation.

Assisted by Liberty.

I have a feeling that the year when Tom addressed the Durham Miners' Gala was also the year when Shami Chakrabati did so.

I have a feeling that they will both be back.


  1. Shami Chakrabati doesn't believed in liberty!

    She supports the totalitarian/Jacobin concept of Human Rights rather than the British tradition of limited government, and she backs state regulation of the press.

    "Liberty" my foot!

  2. Oh he rightly said the DRIP Bill is the same backstage stitch-up between Cameron and Miliband that the Royal Charter was.

    It was almost the same as last time with Ed Miliband Oliver Letwin and a pizza at 2am...

    This is the grubby way we surrender centuries of liberty in backstage cross party stitch ups.

    Were an absolute disgrace to our ancestors.