Thursday, 31 July 2014

Gaza, Of All Places

The early Zionists barely wanted it. Recent ones gave it up with very little fuss. Nor has Palestinian identity ever focused on it. Two thirds of its inhabitants' families only went there because they had nowhere else to go.

Yet it has become the heart and soul of Palestine, the only territory where Palestinians comprise the entire permanent population (indeed, almost the entire population at any given time), and the home of a very high proportion of all the Palestinians on earth.

Meanwhile, look how important the place now is to the Zionist aspiration.

How the world turns.


  1. Peter Hitchens is sheltering from a firestorm of neocon loons because he dared to suggest it might not be moral to pour missiles into a densely populated besieged space with millions of civilians in it.

    Melanie Phillips is sadly detached from reality.

    Her last piece didn't even mention the deaths of 1,200 Palestinians mostly children.

    Reading it, you wouldn't know what was happening in Gaza.

    It's all about "Jew hatred" and Israel being the "true victims" .

    It's like she's on another planet.

    Distorted reporting? How are they supposed to report a war in which 20 people have been killed on one side for every one soldier killed on the other?

    She's utterly mad.

    1. She is an important voice on things like drugs. But she cannot leave foreign policy alone. And on that, she is completely bonkers.