Sunday, 27 July 2014

"Public PMQs"?

A bloody stupid idea.

The only people who could possibly participate would be those with nowhere else to be on a midweek afternoon.

Not even, most probably, at very short notice.

I can reasonably claim to be loyal to my Leader, as he is, since I am an affiliated member several times over. I am a great deal more loyal to him than much of the party's paid staff is.

But he is too surrounded by them, by the interchangeable London think tank boys, and by refugees and wannabes from The West Wing.

Hence, among other things, this silly little gimmick.

Instead, let him codify the powers of Parliament as they existed in 1978, and write up that codification as a Bill to restore all those powers which have been lost.

As well as to add a few more. Indeed, as well as to add a very great many more.

He might more than usefully do the same with the powers of municipal institutions.

Such is the democracy in social democracy.


  1. Just found this priceless gem from Labour's 1997 manifesto.

    ""We will ensure that - over the economic cycle - public debt as a proportion of national income is at a stable and prudent level.""


    1. They still made a better job of that than Osborne has.

      On topic, please.

  2. Did you vote for Blair in 2011 as well?

    1. What, exactly, did Blair contest in 2011?

      Still, even you might have been old enough to vote by then.