Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Auntie Must Be On Holiday

The BBC has been mentioning NHS privatisation.

Only in order to deny that it is happening. But even so. Things are moving.

With the Conservatives 16 points behind where they would need to be for an overall majority of one, and on their worst rating since 2010, the acceptance of reality is slowly but surely spreading.


  1. Well it would help if the hysterical types on the Left got their facts straight,

    The proportion of clinical practices provided by private sector entities rose 2.1% a year under Labour. It's only risen 1.7% a year under this Government.

    When Andy Burnham was health secretary, he widened the involvement of private providers in the NHS, for example private hospitals doing hip replacements.

    Burnham is a blowhard.

    This is all baloney.

    1. We do not use those words, especially the second, in this country.