Saturday, 19 July 2014


As the young people say.

I have plenty of problems with the Stop the War Coalition, which keeps some very unfortunate company. 

But a pattern is emerging on the BBC, on ITV News (which is now produced by someone of whom I think as a wayward nephew or godson), and on Sky News.

Manchester's biggest ever demonstration, in defence of the NHS at last year's Conservative Party Conference: ignored.

The 50,000-strong March Against Austerity outside those broadcasters' front doors: ignored.

Last Saturday's 100-150,000-strong Durham Miners' Gala, at least 10 times the size of all Orange Parades put together: ignored.

And today, tens of thousands of people marching through central London against the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip: ignored.

How are these events not news?

Lying by omission is still lying.


  1. ITV News (which is now produced by someone of whom I think as a wayward nephew or godson)

    I love that. He is a regular reader. I wish I could see his face when he reads that.

    He makes a great play of his Labour membership, he could have proved it by reporting the Gala at least, especially since he was at Durham.

    1. It is always out of term, so the lack of media coverage is why even most left-wing Durham students, and there are more of those than you might have heard, do not know that it exists.

      Still, he did used to intern for Roberta Blackman-Woods, while he was a postgrad and therefore here all year in any case. So he does not really have that excuse.