Sunday, 13 July 2014

Nature, Science and the Politics of the Common Good

This is the transcript of a lecture given to the Blue Labour Midlands Seminar by Ruth Davis on 5th July 2014.

There was plenty of discussion. There were things with which several of us took some issue, in my case about "liking miners but not liking coal" (or, I could have said, fishermen but not fishing) and loving indigenous communities while rejecting the means to their economic development.

But it was still a glorious thing to hear. I cannot recall ever having heard the like, and nor could several vastly more distinguished people present.

Yes, a write-up of the whole day will appear here through the week. I promise.


  1. You are underestimating how much these 'vastly more distinguished people' owe to you. What was it John Milbank called you? A prophet?

    1. Oh, yes. So he did.

      Maurice and Phillip have both also told me that my work anticipated theirs.

      Still, we all know what a prophet is always without.