Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Tried, in those almost pre-Internet days, to tell you at the time.

Still, in this and in several other countries, the fact that this was an actual war, which tended to focus the mind, made it the beginning in earnest of the encounter between the traditional Left and the traditional Right, each of which found itself excluded from the debate and vilified, and both of which opposed the intervention for nearly or entirely identical reasons.

Those reasons were correct. Even the EU now admits it. We may look forward to that admission about other matters on which we have been agreed. Including the EU.


  1. Hey, it takes some people longer to catch up.

    For example some commentators tried to warn all along the true nature of New Labour.

    While people like David a Lindsay were voting for them.

    1. That designation never appeared on any ballot paper that I saw.

  2. You're a retrospective "Blair hater", a Johnny- come-lately who is bitter he didn't see it at the time.

    I prefer to hear from the people who actually knew enough about politics never to have dreamt of voting for that lot in the first place.

    Not the idiots who finally caught up 10 years too late.

    Abolishing the hereditary peers, devolution, regional assemblies, Human Rights Act, you name it. It was all in that 1997 manifesto...

    1. I certainly am not. Ask his old Chief Whip about me, for a start.

      You weren't even born, or as good as.

    2. He reads one newspaper columnist's blog that he can't really understand and he thinks he knows it all. Remember when you pointed out it just wasn't true the British unions and Labour had uniformly failed to back Solidarity, you even gave him the details of a book to read? The silly little boy had a fit. There was something similar over South Africa too, as I recall.