Saturday, 19 July 2014

Forty Years On

The sacking of Michael Gove from the position of Education Secretary has been the greatest victory for the trade union movement since the miners' strike of 1974.

If this is how Cameron reacts to one day's limited action under Christine Blower, then how on earth would he have reacted to the tactics and persons of Joe Gormley and Mick McGahey?


  1. It is indeed, as Peter Hitchens wrote yesterday, a grubby PR move to get rid of a Minister who "made all the right enemies" and fill the Cabinet with women.

    As Peter writes today, why should anyone want more women in Parliament?

    It's a dreadful idea that could only have been dreamed up by people whose principle goal in politics is to cement the abolition of motherhood (and the rise of the "childcare" industry) forever.

    At least Cameron appointed a woman who opposed gay marriage as Education Secretary to be fair.

    1. No, it was just that he had annoyed the unions, so he had to go. Nothing else to it at all. The union leaders of the 1970s could not have dreamt of that kind of power.

    2. Filling women with Parliament (through de facto affirmative action) is propaganda of the deed to embed in society the left-wing feminist notion that motherhood should be abandoned in favour of full time work.

      As the great French Leftists who originated propaganda of the deed wrote...."ideas spring from deeds and not the other way around." Mikhail Bakunin (1814–1876); "we must spread our principles, not with words but with deeds, for this is the most popular, the most potent, and the most irresistible form of propaganda."

      Cue all women short lists and Cameron's affirmative-action "reshuffle" mirroring and copying Labour's own tactics of filling Parliament with careerist women.

  2. Nothing to do with the teachers unions-as if they ever vote Tory! Like Blunkett, he was hired to annoy them. Every Education Minister who wants to look like he's going to restore half-decent education starts by picking a fight with them. It's a necessity.

    Cameron fired him and the others to fill the Cabinet with women.

    Which Labour started with its "all women shortlists"

    As Peter Hitchens says, only a moron or a Leftist would want more women in Parliament. Propaganda of the deed to set in stone the idea that women are better working and "outsourcing" motherhood, than looking after their own children.

    1. The don't need to vote Tory. That is the extraordinary thing about this.

      One day - one day! - of fairly partial strike action, and Gove was out.

      When it comes to the position of Education Secretary, at least under the Tories (it might not happen under Labour, and indeed it probably wouldn't), that is how it now works.