Monday, 14 July 2014

The DRIP Myth List

As one of four Labour MPs (along with Roger Godsiff, Dennis Skinner and David Winnick; two of those three are over 80) and precisely one Conservative (David Davis, who is now practically an Independent) who are known to be about to vote against DRIP, Tom Watson sets out his case in a letter to Ed Miliband.

Pam Cowburn takes apart the myths that this is an emergency, that this merely restores the status quo rather than extending powers, that this is the only way to catch criminals, that there is a sunset clause, and that the Bill includes concessions that take into account the CJEU ruling.

There is a reason why the reshuffle is today.

This is it.


  1. Our democracy is embarrassing. Cameron's Tories lead the national polls once again.

    Labour is truly the most embarrassingly useless Opposition in history.

    This isn't because everyone loves the Tories.

    It's just because our "democracy" is now just a competition, measured in poll ratings, between which party is hated slightly less than the other.

    They're both useless.

  2. Tom Watson writes of Drip

    """It was a huge personal disappointment to hear of your agreement with the fast-tracked Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill... far from scrutinising the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill, we seem to have helped generate the panic needed to rush this important Bill through under controversial emergency procedures.... and the myth needed to present it as the antidote to paedophilia.""

    That is what is really going on with this 'paedophile ring' scandal.

    Peter Hitchens is the only one to notice it.

    By overturning the presumption of innocence in a media frenzy (even anonymously accusing dead people who can't defend themselves of heinous deeds) we are being "prepared for regime change".

    As Peter rightly wrote, such scandals were used since the French Revolution to soften people up for tyranny.

    Shameful to see the only country in Europe with a presumption of innocence following that dangerous path.

    1. Peter Hitchens is running the risk of self-parody.

  3. Good showing on Russia Today regarding Philip Hammond, David.

    A shame however, that you were not given more time. I'm sure someone of your capabilities was keen to highlight Hammond's hilarious confusion of the Iraqi Aflaqist wing of the Ba'ath Party with the Neo-Ba'ath Jadid / Hafez faction in Syria.

    Indeed, I would suggest that after his previous arrival and now this second coming, David is surely under active consideration for appointment to host his own discussion programme on RT. I for one can well envisage David becoming RT's version of Al-Jazeera's incomparable Marwan Bishara .

    1. Are you really?

      They interviewed me in the midst of the breaking news about this morning's rush hour accident on the Moscow Metro, so they were a bit pushed and they had to leave a lot out.

      I shall be posting the link tonight, along with other things that I said. They are quite invaluable, and very easy to work with. But I am not aware that they are recruiting.