Friday, 18 July 2014

RT Endorsement

I'll hear one word against RT when anyone else covers the story of the American airbase's mistreatment of the British people on the British territory of Ascension Island.

A mistreatment now found to include the sexual abuse of children, which is one of those things which accrue to military installations the world over.

Not in St Helena, which is obviously absurd to anyone who knows the place, and which has been disavowed by the charity falsely quoted by the Daily Mail.

But on Ascension, as part and parcel of the occupation of our land and of our people there. As, indeed, here.

I cannot begin to understand how the Daily Mail lot, never mind the Murdoch agents of an enemy power, have Parliamentary Lobby access, but RT does not.


  1. The Daily Mail covered the American airbases's child abuse in Ascension Island this week as I recall.

    The Daily Mail? Nobody else has covered this either, why pick on them ?

    1. Only in passing, in the course of a farrago of nonsense, repudiated by the charity in question, about St Helena, which is a very different, even though a closely connected, place.

      The main targets of this post are the BBC, ITV and Sky.