Thursday, 17 July 2014

Concern and Anger

See the first comment here:

"We understand your concern and anger having read the article in Daily Mail.

"I can assure you that we had no involvement in the writing of the story.

"We did not provide the paper with the report, and do not know how the paper received a copy.

"The reporting in the Mail is a sensationalised, skewed representation of the report."

Deborah Denis
Head of External Relations,
Lucy Faithfull Foundation

The Daily Mail is in serious trouble.


  1. Will the Lucy Faithfull Foundation back this up?

    1. I have tweeted it to their Director, Donald Findlater (@DonaldFindlater).

      So unless he makes contact to say otherwise, then yes.

      I told you.

  2. Thanks for all your work on this today, you have definitely been busy. Those of us in the Palace of Varieties as Dennis calls it who know St. Helena are immensely fond of the place, we are not going to stand for this. Just as well you never did end up here, by the time the recess was over you would have made sure the Mail had lost their Lobby passes for this. Or would that be such a bad thing? Keep the faith, see you soon.

  3. You once told me the Mail could be driven purely online and treated as just another website if anyone did an even more comprehensive set of week's TV listings every Saturday and sold it cheaper in the shops.

    You also said the Guardian could be turned into just another website if anyone undercut it for first and third sector advertising, which those sectors would be legally obligated to take up if it was the less expensive option.

    Get on with it, then.

  4. My money would be on a disgruntled former employee of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation. Or soon to be former employee. The Mail won't sack anyone though, but it should. Starting with the editor.

  5. Nothing in any of the Sunday papers, nothing on the BBC, this "story" is dead. Well done, Mr. Lindsay. You are a very great man.