Thursday, 10 July 2014

One Out, All Out

Your rights were won by strong unions, not by kind-hearted rich men, explains the normally ultra-Blairite James Bloodworth.

The right to strike is a basic civil right, explains the born-again paleocon Tim Stanley.

And even Paul Staines, that glittering ornament of the gala dinners of the Multinational Libertarian Party, has today been tweeting his opposition to further anti-union legislation.


  1. The right to strike is a basic right-I don't know anyone disputing that.

    The argument is whether there should be a " right" to call a strike when less than a third of your members voted for one.

    1. People certainly are disputing it.

      The arguments against thresholds are so obvious that the whole thing can only have been introduced as an opening gambit.

      They have waited 40 years to ban strikes, and possibly even unions. They would be nearly there, were they not on course to leave office in 10 months' time.