Monday, 28 July 2014

Don't Be Fracking Silly

The irreconcilable opposition to fracking is mostly motivated by the identities of the strongest proponents.

In the same way does the British (unlike, say, the Australian or the American) Right hate coal. By its own logic, it ought to love coal, as its Australian and American brethren do. But these things are not always about logic.

I still suspect that this shale gas business is all just wishful thinking bordering on superstition, and that the gas is not there, or at least not in anything like the quantities alleged. We all know why anything sounds too good to be true.

The people who are most pro-fracking are so besotted with America that they now even imagine Britain to have the same geological features. But if it is there, then by all means use it.

We need nuclear power, which was strongly supported by Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband when David Cameron called it "a last resort".

And we need coal.

Not necessarily in that order.

All else is ancillary to those two. Including shale gas. If anyone really wants to go about extracting it. And if it is really there.

1 comment:

  1. But we shouldn't tear up our national parks to exploit it.

    People who think like that have no romance in their soul. And no concern for anything other than immediate material benefit.