Sunday, 20 July 2014

Since Records Began

Who are these inward investors?

They are mostly in "infrastructure and energy projects".

In other words, they are foreign states buying up the transport provision and the utilities that our own State, our own nation, our own people, used to own.

For the second time in a generation, the voters will insist, if they even think it at all contentious, that there was a recession from the day that a Conservative-led Government began until the day that it ended, five long years later.

It will not matter whether or not there is the slightest truth in that. It is what they will think. And it is how they will vote for in at least three General Elections.

The public mind now associates the Conservative Party with nothing except recession, sleaze, and a general air of incompetence of the public school buffoon variety. Absolutely nothing at all.


  1. No wonder polls again show the voters trust the Tories with the economy far more than Labour.

    Labour is ahead on issues like the NHS-but never on the economy.

    1. The only question is how people are going to vote, and there is no doubt at all about that one.

      You are too young to remember it, but Google "Norman Lamont green shoots". The gale of public derision can still be heard.

  2. Another great piece of news pointed out by my friend at work. The UK's soaring motor manufacturing industry has seen it surpass ailing neighbour France in terms of total car production for the first time since 1966.

    1. And let's see who believes a word of that when it comes to the time to vote. It may be true. But no one believes it.

      Just like the Major years.