Sunday, 1 May 2016

Really Spoiling Us?

"The Ambassador thinks there's a problem," Andrew Marr told Diane Abbott. As if that settled anything, so to speak.

Whose Ambassador?

Perhaps we should count our blessings that Mark Regev is still called that, rather than "the Governor-General", or "the Proconsul", or "the Viceroy".

Although any of those would be honest.

I am all for a vote to Leave at the EU referendum. But when do we get a referendum to Leave Israel?

And to Leave Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf tyrannies, whose hostility to Jews is without parallel?


  1. It looks like this constituency is having that referendum on 7th May 2020.

  2. Your blog really does bring out the loons.

    Hillsborough had nothing to do with Thatcher as suggested by a loopy contributor on another thread.

    1. The event itself didn't, at least not directly. Although of course it was an expression of the tone that her personality and Government had set. But the subsequent conspiracy involved her intimately. Of course it did.

    2. Wait for the police to issue one of their statements that someone would have been charged if still alive. They won't dare not in Thatcher's case but I have never heard of it happening in two different cases for the same person. It will this time, Thatcher for the Orgreave conspiracy and Thatcher for the Hillsborough conspiracy. She is finished as a credible historical figure, her own party is no longer trying to defend her dirty war on the North.