Thursday, 5 May 2016

Party Pooper

Neither of the Presidents Bush will endorse Donald Trump, and Mitt Romney is not even going to the Convention.

Incumbent Senators up for re-election this year are beside themselves at association with He Who Must Not Be Named.

Trump can afford to run as an Independent, and that is effectively what he is doing.

The Republican Party denies any connection to him.

Numerous of its luminaries, great and small, are going to endorse Hillary Clinton. Someone has to, I suppose.

Donald Trump has killed the Republican Party.


  1. Ha! Who gives a rats about either the losing candidate Mitt Romney or either of the Presidents Bush??

    He's reinvigorated the Republican Party-it's activist base has never been larger more people have voted in this year's Republican primaries than at any time in the party's history.

    The neocons will now endorse the Democrats. As Pat Buchanan always said, that's what they have wanted to do from the start.

    They are ex Marxist liberal interventionists, liberal on immigration and abortion while the Republican Party has always been the anti-war party.

    You know the history, Nixon elected to end the Vietnam War which Kennedy launched, Bush elected because he opposed the Kosovo War that Clinton launched etc etc. .

    The Republicans have a Buchananite candidate who will stop illegal immigration, oppose free trade and end foreign adventurism in the services of NATO and Germany.

    While the neocons are going home to the Democrats.

    1. The National Review despises him as a New York liberal, and The American Conservative, founded by Buchanan, is just laughing at him while positively looking forward to the death of the Republican Party as a direct consequence of his nomination.

      Any party that can nominate Trump is already dead.

    2. Buckley's National Review is almost hysterically anti-Trump, his candidacy is seen as the end of the movement Buckley founded in the 50s. You are right, TAC thinks he is a joke and so is any party that can nominate him, but it has thought that for a long time. When the Republican nominee is scorned by the National Review as a Manhattan leftist, that is big deal.

    3. Indeed, it is.

      Funny that you should mention the Buckleys. It is a very long shot, but might there be some kind of intervention by the Conservative Party of New York State?

  2. On the contrary it's never been more alive. Look at the turnout in the primaries. It's voters that matter. Not bitter losing candidates and bitter neocons going back to their ideological home.

    He won precisely because he is NOT the preferred candidate of National Review, the Bushes etc.

    The Republicans have chosen a candidate because he is not the Eatablishment candidate while the Democrars have chosen the most establishment candidate ever.

    Pat Buchanan finally has a Presidential nominee he can and has endorsed.

    The neocons can finally go home to what has always been the most anti-life, anti-marriage, pro immigration pro war party, their natural berth.

    They despise Trump precisely because he's not a "liberal" but what they call a "fascist" i.e a Buchananite.

    1. He is a New York liberal plutocrat, and everyone knows it. Ted Cruz is right about that, if about nothing else. It will be very interesting to see if Trump is given Line C on the New York ballot. Its holders know him well.

  3. Meanwhile the Dems have still not nominated Hillary. Bernie has not dropped out and is on course to win California. They'll both be on the ballot but it's not clear which will be the official Democrat. There is at least one New York ballot line for Bernie either way.

    1. Ah, the Working Families Party. You are right, it will never nominate Clinton. It should say now that it will nominate Bernie whatever the Democrats did.

  4. Even Paul Ryan, the actual Speaker of the actual House of Representatives, is hedging on whether to support his own party's nominee.

  5. Trump denounced by Michael Reagan, who says it's not his father's party if it can nominate Trump.

  6. But David Duke has endorsed him.