Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Opening The Orgreave Files

Before the end of this Parliament, mentioning the name of Margaret Thatcher by anything other than spitting it will be unacceptable in polite society, by definition.

This is the day on which Arthur Scargill, up to now almost a recluse for many years, returned to public life like a long exiled or imprisoned resistance leader.

Now 78, he will die a vindicated man, a folk hero, a National Treasure. For all practical purposes, he is, as of today, all of those things.

So much, then, for New Labour.

And so much for the enemies of Seumas Milne, the author of the superlative The Enemy Within.

Every word of that is now well on the way to being accepted as nothing more, nor less, than the simple facts of the matter about the Miners' Strike.

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