Friday, 6 May 2016

Make A Mark

With the elections out of the way, even The Sun and the BBC are mentioning the Conservatives' electoral fraud in 2015.

Mark Clarke was always going to write his name in the history books, one way or another.

At the end of all of this, I doubt that he will come out as anything like the worst offender. And there is no shortage of pundits' positions these days, including for people who have done far worse.

Now, on to a hung Parliament this year.

The polls were right last year. If the General Election had been conducted according to the law, then there would have been a hung Parliament.

Based on yesterday's votes, cast on every inch of the United Kingdom, there would be a hung Parliament in 2020, with Labour as the single largest party.

Whether it came in a few months or in a few years, this would be a hung Parliament in which both main parties were themselves riven from top to bottom.

Consider the potential power of even one MP who was not beholden to either of them and who had a strong enough personality to make something of it.

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