Monday, 9 May 2016

Great Patriotic?

David Cameron's raising of the spectre of "war in Europe" (see below as to the fact that there already is one, and it is hardly the first since 1945) could not be more distasteful on this Victory Day.

But look at the list: MI5, MI6, the veterans, the Conservative Party, the ghost of Thatcher from the days when she still knew what she was saying, the ghost of Churchill to the very end.

Tory and Tory-ish voters against the EU are setting themselves up against all of those, and more besides.

Of course.

In saying that the creation of the Single Market was a mistake, Michael Gove is conceding that the Labour Party of the day was right, while Thatcher was wrong.

Whatever next? A similar concession about Churchill and the miners, among his numerous other wrongdoings?

After all, Boris Johnson has today sounded quite sound on the role of the EU in Yugoslavia and Ukraine.

Although he was still unable to admit the fault of NATO. So he is still not quite Jeremy Corbyn. 

But give him time.

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