Sunday, 8 May 2016

For What Shall It Profit A Man?

Sinn Féin's leaders are so old that they were once in a dissident Republican paramilitary organisation.

That was what the Provisional IRA was, in their long ago youth.

Therefore, they know exactly how to deal with such organisations.

But they have no idea how to deal with their own voters' defection to something like the People Before Profit Alliance.

That defection has been due to Sinn Féin's own abject failure to deliver the economic and socioeconomic goods for those voters.

Don't believe the hype.

Management of STV is one thing.

But there is no way in the world that Sinn Féin intended to lose the top of the poll in West Belfast to any other candidate, never mind to an anti-cuts activist and first term Councillor who was not yet 30.

Nor did Sinn Féin ever intend to see Eamonn McCann actually elected to anything before he died.

Yet both of those things have just happened.

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