Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Will I be contesting this seat in 2020?

At least if the shills and stooges of the City and the Saudis had removed Corbyn and replaced him with some Hillary Clinton tribute act, then yes.

At least.

There are other possible considerations, such as whether or not the Labour candidate here was one of those shills, stooges, and tribute acts.

The new seat will contain almost all of an historically Labour seat that is nowhere near as safe as the local Labour Party seems to think that it is, most of a seat that has always been Labour but which the Tories nearly took last year, and much of a seat that has always been Tory.

But Labour will not fight, as such, because it will think that this is in the bag. The Tories will not fight, in any sense, because they will think that Labour has this in the bag.

In reality, though, this seat will be wide open.

If I could contest it full-time for the next four years, until the General Election of 7th May 2020, then I would certainly be the First Past The Post on that day. I know exactly how I would do it.

But that is a big "If". And anyway, it is more than possible that there will be no need.

I might stand if the Labour candidate were a City shill, a Saudi stooge and a Clinton wannabe, even if Corbyn were still Leader. Among several other circumstances under which I might do so.

But I will certainly do this if those shills, stooges and wannabes had removed Corbyn and replaced him with one of their own.

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