Thursday, 5 May 2016

Concilio et Labore

A vacancy for Shadow Home Secretary.

And a by-election at Leigh.

Both opportunities to strengthen Jeremy Corbyn's hand even further after the retention of power in Wales, the retention of Official Opposition status in Scotland, and the capture of the London Mayoralty for the first time ever by the Labour Party as such, rather than by a Ken Livingstone machine that would have won anyway in 2004, just as it had won anyway in 2000.

When all three of that Welsh retention, that Scottish retention and that London capture have occurred, then David Cameron should resign.


  1. Khan doesn't deserve to be Labour's candidate. He is one of the coup plotters.

    1. He won't win on first preferences alone. He'll know who he owes. As will they.

    2. They don't appear to have retained official opposition status in Scotland. Galloway doesn't appear to be doing too well in London either...

    3. His second preferences are what is going to matter. Especially since the Greens refused to express one.