Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Lord's Song In A Strange Land

How much easier it is to go after the corpse of a dead villain than to fight a real live one. If we are all so disgusted by the Savile affair, which is over, why are we not much more revolted by the schools and clinics which, during next week, will be giving contraceptive jabs and implants to underage girls, so they can have underage sex?

If you want to know what a society is really like, you should not judge it by the sort of thing that becomes a scandal. You should judge it by the sort of thing that does not become a scandal. The almighty authorities of this country, backed by Parliament, and ultimately by the force of fines, police and prisons, are now forcing their tawdry sexual standards on an entire generation.

These policies take us back to an age of great cruelty to women, and of dreadful sexual exploitation of the young of both sexes. They are closely linked with the growing number of young people who have no stable family, and the growing number of old people trapped in solitude. They involve the deliberate violation of innocence, the undermining of family life, and the subversion of parental authority. Schoolgirls as young as 13 are being given contraceptive injections and implants without their parents’ knowledge, hundreds of them actually in schools, thousands more in ‘clinics’.

Aren’t  our children supposed to be safe from predators in schools? Not when the State is the predator, cynically grooming vulnerable children for illegal sex. ‘Patient confidentiality’ forbids nurses from asking parents’ leave beforehand, or from telling them afterwards. This could be happening to your daughter or granddaughter, now, and you would never know. The age of consent for sexual intercourse is still 16. Why are those involved not being prosecuted for incitement to break the law, or for aiding and abetting crimes?

Simple. The liberal State approves. And it will get worse. Once you abandon lifelong  marriage, as our elite long ago did, you begin the long journey back to the debauchery of Babylon. And in the end nothing is wrong any more. It is only ‘inappropriate’, a shifting boundary that alters with fashion and our growing tolerance of what would once have shocked us.  How many years, I wonder, before child prostitution is once again openly practised in this country? Laugh if you like. Even 20 years ago, could you have imagined the changes which have come to our society since 1991? Do you think they have stopped? The general view of our governors is that if it is even a little bit hard to prevent any moral ill, they will give up the struggle.

In their perverted, Babylonian way, the authorities have decided that the only bad thing about sex is that it leads to babies. They don’t care about the emotional misery and betrayal of the exploited young. So as long as they can prevent conception, or obliterate it later with ‘morning-after pills’ and mass slaughter of the unborn, then they believe they are acting responsibly. They also make a few feeble efforts to discourage the spread of sexual diseases.

This is the morality of the brothel-keeper throughout the ages. When the Government and the law behave like this, what is the good citizen to do? Where is he or she to turn?

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